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The top 5 whisky glasses you need for your home bar


Would you sip on a gin and tonic out of a beer glass?

If so, this article probably isn't for you. Whisky 'should' be served and enjoyed from the right glass. But we get it. With so many different types of glasses out there, it can feel a little overwhelming. 

To be the host with the most - things like this are good to nail. Although, don't fret. You don't need every type of glassware to make great cocktails at home. Not sure where to start? 

This is your guide to the top 5 whisky glasses brought to you by Scotch whisky extraordinaire Ervin Trykowski. 


Whisky Tumbler


The Whisky tumbler. A staple in every cabinet (or cupboard). You can use this glass for sipping whisky on the rocks or neat. A short glass with a heavy bottom, the tumbler is a timeless classic that lets the whisky do all the talking. This glass is THE one for serving an Old Fashioned. 


Add Talisker to your tumbler, and learn how to make a few variations of the Old Fashioned.

“There's no right or wrong way to drink whisky – enjoying it is the most important thing.”

Ervin Trykowski


Whisky Guru


The Snifter


Also goes by the name of the Cognac glass. This style is used for slow savouring sipping on slightly warmer drinks. Perfect for cosy get-togethers during chiller seasons or if you're hosting a whisky tasting party. But if you like your whisky chilled – a snifter glass is not a great match.


The Gentle, Coastal, or Strong Malts collections are great for savouring in your Snifter.

Snifter glass




Born in the early 1900s, this style of glass is the taller sibling of the tumbler. The height of the glass allows for whisky serves with plenty of ice, spirit and mixers – great for long refreshing drinks such as a Whisky and Ginger or a Scotch and Soda.


Add Johnnie Walker to your home bar, and learn how to make a Johnnie Walker cocktails from brand expert, Tim Philips-Johansson.

“Highballs are my favourite cocktails to make at home. Matching awesome sodas and pairing them to whiskies are my favourite at the moment its Black Label & Blood Orange Soda and Talisker with Peach and Jasmine the possibilities are endless, and everyone can do it.”




This style of glass is solely designed for whisky sipping. It's short with a solid base and a wide bowl. And known for improving the nosing experience while drinking, as the whisky's aroma has enough room to gather correctly.


Read about the different whiskies through their regions while you shop our collection.

1920s Professional Blender glass


1920s Professional Blender 

A modern twist on a classic style used by blenders in the 1920s. The unique shape of this glass helps to collect the aromas and flavours, which heightens the sensory experience.  


Read on to learn more about whisky through its production, its colour, and the difference between single and blended malts.

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