Blackberry Whisky

Blackberry Whisky

Imagined and crafted by a master of mixology, Ervin Trykowski who summoned some of his finest flair by marrying the worlds of blackberries and whisky in this Blackberry Whisky cocktail.

Blackberry Whisky




1.4 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1 x Rocks Glass

  • 1x Ice 

  • 1 x Muddler

  • 1 x Shaker

  • 1 x Jigger


  • Muddle

    Muddle blackberries into your glass.

  • Mix

    Combine the remaining ingredients, shake everything with some ice, and serve over more ice in a rocks glass. 

  • Garnish

    For those who don't love blackberries, substitute with your preferred berry.

  • Grab a bite

    Get some grub in before or while you’re drinking – it slows alcohol absorption.

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