Flavour profile

An exceptional taste experience

Johnnie Walker Red Label Icon is bursting with spicy flavour, exciting the palate with fruity sweetness, cinnamon and pepper. Hints of fresh apple and the zestiness of elegant Speyside Malts dance on your tongue. The experience is completed by the signature of all Johnnie Walker Blends; a sophisticated, smoky finish.



A light aroma of fresh apple and citrus fruit


A lighter gold liquid


Fresh and spicy - with vibrant fresh apple and citrus fruitiness, cinnamon and pepper spice


A warming smoky finish.

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Your gift

This is the perfect gift to give to the one whose steps inspire yours or the one who turns nights into stories.


Johnnie & Lemon Highball

50ml JW Red Label
150ml White Lemonade
Orange wedge garnish

A bit of history

In 1820, John Walker opened a grocer's shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland, where he experimented with whisky blending techniques and laid the foundation for the Johnnie Walker family business. Since then, Johnnie Walker has been known worldwide for its unique whisky quality.

Johnnie Walker Red Label Icons Blended Scotch Whisky,cocktail