Easy Batch Cocktails

Whip up a batch cocktail for a stress-free garden party

Treat your guests to a garden party


Let's welcome the summer with the perfect garden party cocktail recipes. We've got tips and sips to help you wow your guests, or simply enjoy a relaxing Sunday by the BBQ. Whether you’re hosting a garden party with the neighbours or hosting game night with friends and family, these easy botanical bar hacks will make it a day to remember.

Batch Cocktail 1

Delicious Summer Punch

Batch cocktail 2

Batch the Bay Breeze for your garden party

Batch Cocktail 3

Classic Gin Bramble

Batch Cocktail 4

Alcohol-free G & T

Cocktail with Cucumber Garnish

Cucumber is a great garnish to add a bit of botanical flavour to a refreshing summer cocktail. Our top tip for adding sophisticated elegance to your glass, is to create super-thin cucumber slices by using a simple vegetable peeler.

Don’t forget the ice

“The biggest thing everyone gets wrong is the lack of ice. Less ice will dissolve much faster and dilute your drinks. And big ice cubes are always better, as they take longer to melt, meaning your drinks are fresher for longer. "


Author of Let's Get Fizzical and Tanqueray Gin Pro

Cocktail with Berry Garnish

Get creative with your garnishes! Impressive looking cocktails will go down a splash with your guests. Pretty up your drinks by raiding your fridge for blackberries and blueberries that will transform the look and taste of your cocktails.