Gordon's Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin, 70cl


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Flavour profile

A classic gin with a lovely lemony kick

A delicious Mediterranean twist on an original recipe from Alexander Gordon. Made with the highest quality ingredients and using only natural flavourings, Gordon's Sicilian Lemon is a trip for your taste buds to the sunny shores of Sicily.
To enjoy a perfectly mixed Gordon's Sicilian Lemon and tonic, fill a large copa glass with ice, add 50ml Gordon's Sicilian Lemon, top with 150ml tonic and garnish with a wheel of lemon.
A light and refreshing-tasting drink that is perfect for catching up with friends or enjoying the evening.


Juniper berries and Mediterranean citrus fruits.


Absolutely clear on account of the triple distillation.


Zesty lemons.


Super smooth finish.

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A zesty alternative to a classic G&T

Ingredients: 25ml Sicilian Lemon Distilled Gin; 100ml Prosecco, 25ml soda; a dash of sugar syrup; grapes; a sprig of thyme.
Method: fill a copa glass or large wine glass with ice. Add the gin, then the Prosecco and top up with soda. Add a dash of sugar syrup and stir. Garnish with a sprig of time and a couple of grape slices. For a simpler version, substitute the Prosecco with tonic. Alcohol units: 2.0

A bit of history

Gordon's Gin was established in 1769 by Alexander Gordon as he set out on a mission to produce a gloriously-flavoured gin worthy of carrying his family name. Gordon believed that success lay in the perfect combination of pure distilled grain spirit and rich botanicals.

Interesting facts

On every bottle of Gordon's gin, you'll find an image of a boar's head. Legend has it that a member of the Gordon clan saved the King of Scotland from a wild boar when out hunting. Ever since, the Gordon family have sported a boar's head on their coat of arms.

A bit of history


Event: Drinks Business and Spirits Business Awards.
Date: 2020
Award: Gold Award winner