Mandarin & Clove Cooler

Mandarin & Clove Cooler

We all know the best spreads include an aperitif. Try out our unique Mandarin & Clove Cooler, the perfect cocktail to enjoy with food and friends.




  • 5mlClove bitters

  • 50mlMandarin Juice

  • 50mlLondon Dry Gin

  • 20mlLemon Juice

  • 10mlSugar Syrup

  • 1dash ofBitter Lemon

2 units of alcohol per serve


  • 1 x Highball glass


  • 1 x Jigger

  • 1 x Knife

  • 1 x Shaker


  • With a Shaker

    a. Add all ingredients except the bitter lemon
    b. Fill with ice
    c. Seal and shake
    d. Strain into a tall glass over ice
    e. Top with Bitter Lemon Clove bitters

  • Without a Shaker

    a. Build all ingredients over ice except bitter lemon
    b. Stir and lengthen drink
    c. Top with bitter lemon
    d. Garnish with dried mandarin

  • Grab a bite

    Get some grub in before or while you’re drinking – it slows alcohol absorption.

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