Haig Club Whisky

Haig Club

Single Grain Scotch Whisky


From our beautiful bottle and delicious liquid to the unrivaled 400 years of heritage that underpins the Haig Family history, Haig Club is a Single Grain Scotch that revolutionises all whisky conventions to deliver a unique whisky experience for everyone to enjoy.

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A drink dynasty

Considered the oldest whisky dynasty in Scotland, the distillery creates this unique blend using a process that combines grain whisky from three cask types.

Aroma: A soft aroma of butterscotch and toffee.

Palate: Notes of vanilla and dried fruits result in a light, sweet and vibrant taste.

Finish: A smooth, clean finish


Jenna Ba
Every moment and place might open a different way to enjoy whisky, either neat, in a long drink or a cocktail. The possibilities of mixing with Haig are vast, so anyone can easily find their mixer of choice or drink to twist and make theirs. Time go get experimental!

Jenna Ba

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Haig Club is built on nearly 400 years of distilling heritage and the House of Haig can trace its whisky producing roots back to the seventeenth century. In 1824 John Haig established the Cameronbridge distillery and it was there that he pioneered the art of producing grain whisky in continuous Coffey and Stein stills - an invention which laid the foundations for the growth and success of the modern Scotch Whisky industry. Haig Club is born of that Haig family legacy of innovation and excellence in whisky making.

Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky, 70cl