Complete your at home gin set-up


Home bar stocked? Yes. Gin cocktail menu decided? Absolutely. Bar extras sorted? No.

To help you nail your favourite gin cocktails with ease, Pippa Guy, ex- senior bartender at The Savoy’s American Bar, has rounded up everything you need in your gin-set-up at home. Shake, stir, and enjoy. 

Excellent glassware selection

If you want to serve top classic cocktails, you’ll at least need a Copa for your G&T, a Martini glass for martinis and a rocks glass for the Negroni.

“Many charity shops stock a selection of beautiful vintage glassware.”

“Many charity shops stock a selection of beautiful vintage glassware.”
Pippa Guy

Author of Let's Get Fizzical and Tanqueray Gin Pro

A good peeler!

It might sound silly, but if you’re going to make martinis for your friends all night, you'll appreciate a good Y shaped peeler to get all the skin and none of the bitter pith! 

Big ice cubes

Because larger ice cubes take longer to melt, meaning your drinks are fresher for longer. You can pick up large-sized ice block moulds for your freezer online. 

A good cocktail book (or two)

So you can challenge your mum, brother, partner to make you a drink – meaning you get five minutes to rest your feet and enjoy a glass yourself. 

A great playlist!

Whether that’s jazz, indie, reggae – whatever style of music you’re into, a cocktail in your hand is always enjoyed much more with good tunes. 

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