GIN 101

Gin production: distilled to perfection


Gin. The tipple of choice for many, but what exactly IS gin? What is it made from? And how is it made?

Tanqueray Ambassador, Pippa Guy, is here to take you through the world of gin, so you’re all set for your next gin-filled celebration. 

What exactly IS gin?  

The gin market is currently booming, with more people each year, month, day, discovering the delights of this delicious, versatile spirit. But what is gin? It’s a clear, unaged spirit, made by distilling neutral grain spirit with a selection of botanicals, with its primary flavour coming from juniper berries. 

What is gin made from?  

Gin is made from a neutral grain spirit and is steeped with botanicals and re-distilled. It received its name from the Dutch word for juniper: genever.  

How is gin made? 

Gin is made by distilling a neutral (most commonly grain) alcohol with juniper and other select botanicals in a still. 

This is done by nosing until they get a fresh, crisp citric smell. The product takes about 5.5 hours to run, but the distiller will assess the quality by nosing and checking the alcoholic strength every hour.

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