Whisky, the perfect pour, the constant companion

The water of life. Whisky can be sipped neat or slipped into a clever cocktail. From sweet to smoky, spicy to smooth, its broad, complex range of flavours can be explored for a lifetime. Get to know your whiskies and pick up easy whisky cocktail recipes. Ervin Trykowski, our resident whisky guru, is here to help you pull off your next occasion at home in style.


Whisky production: from grain to glass


Single malt vs blended whisky. What's the difference?

Ervin Trykowski, Whisky GuruErvin Trykowski, Whisky Guru

"Hey, I'm Erv. I love all things whisky - a distilled spirit made from fermented grain with endless possibilities."

All whiskies are aged in wood – typically oak – containers. Whiskies start off as raw grain, whether it’s corn, barley, wheat, or rye. These grains and the containers they’re aged in define the taste and aroma of the spirit.

There are, of course, mysteries of the industry – the experts will never universally agree on exactly how scotch whisky gets its distinctive flavour or how the production process in different distilleries precisely impacts flavour. But no matter where in the world it’s made, the flavour profiles are meant to be savoured in style.



Sip whisky like a pro in four simple steps

“I love that minute when someone who ‘doesn’t like Scotch’ finds the right whisky for them.”

“I love that minute when someone who ‘doesn’t like Scotch’ finds the right whisky for them.”


Whisky Guru

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