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A gin with a difference

Villa Ascenti Gin is a home-grown Italian gin made with signature ingredients from the hills of Piemonte, Italy.
Crafted with special distillates of fresh mint, thyme and Moscato grape to create a unique, velvety smooth gin with the freshest taste.
Our Master Distiller, Lorenzo Rosso, works closely with Piemontese farmers to select the ingredients that make up the heart of our gin. To ensure we lock in the freshest taste, our fresh herbs are distilled within hours of harvest.
The result is a perfect balance of zesty juniper, the freshest taste of mint and thyme, with the subtle sweetness of Moscato grape.
Produced at our specially designed distillery, Distilleria Santa Vittoria, using 100% Italian, natural botanicals and ingredients.
Distilled to 41% ABV to enhance the fruitiness and freshness of the ingredients.


Tuscan juniper berries, mint and thyme.


Absolutely clear and pure.


Velvety smooth and creamy. Slightly sweet fruity flavour.


Complex, fruity finish.

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Villa Ascenti Classico

Ingredients: 25ml Villa Ascenti Gin; 100ml Prosecco, 25ml soda; a dash of sugar syrup; grapes; a sprig of thyme.
Method: fill a copa glass or large wine glass with ice. Add the Ascenti Gin, then the Prosecco, and top up with soda. Add a dash of sugar syrup and stir.
Garnish with a sprig of time and a couple of grape slices. For a simpler version, just add tonic to the gin. Alcohol units: 2.0

A bit of history

Villa Ascenti Gin, comes from the Distilleria Santa Vittoria, which nestles in the eastern Italian Marche region, south east of Florence. Recently, they’ve spent lot of money building a new distillery and they’ve refurbished their 1970s Frilli copper pot still. Steeped in Italian provenance, Villa Ascenti celebrates the excellence of the region in local ingredients and expertise.

Interesting facts

Lorenzo Rosso, the Master Distiller at Villa Ascenti, is a trained winemaker. As part of his role, he works closely with local farmers to select the finest ingredients to create Villa Ascenti Gin. Fresh Italian herbs are distilled within hours of harvest, to ensure they lock in the freshest taste. Moscato grapes (the Italian name for Muscat grapes) are local to the region and have sweet flavours of peach and orange blossom. They’re harvested in August and September, when the fruit is at its best, before undergoing three distillations. During the final one, the grapes are infused with Tuscan juniper berries, which gives Villa Ascenti Gin its unique flavour."

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