Flavour profile

A refreshing, zesty orange gin

This is the perfect gift for lovers of Gordon’s Gin, who are up for trying something a bit different. This delicious gin boasts fresh and zesty Mediterranean orange notes that perfectly compliment the refreshing juniper taste of Gordon's. This is a gin that’s made for sharing with friends in the summer sun.


Juniper berries, botanicals. Oranges and citrus fruits.


Absolutely clear on account of the distillation process.


Refreshing juniper taste with zesty orange notes.


Super smooth finish.

Gordon's Mediterranean Orange Gin Serve

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The classic Gordon’s G&T, with an orange twist

The perfect alcohol-free alternative.

Ingredients: 50ml Gordon's gin; Indian tonic water; ice; wedge of lime to garnish. Glass: chilled highball. Method: Fill the highball with ice. Pour 50ml of Gordon's gin over the ice and top up with tonic. Squeeze a wedge of lime into the glass before dropping it in, then give it all a final stir. Alcohol units: 1.9

A bit of history

Gordon's Gin was established in 1769 by Alexander Gordon as he set out on a mission to produce a gloriously-flavoured gin worthy of carrying his family name. Gordon believed that success lay in the perfect combination of pure distilled grain spirit and rich botanicals.

Interesting facts

To this day Gordon's is distilled to this same exacting standard, but the exact blend of their botanicals remains a closely guarded secret.

Gordon's Mediterranean Orange Gin serve