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Copper Dog is an easy-drinking whisky, created by blending eight single malts. The result is a beautifully balanced Speyside-produced Scotch with surprising complexity. Fruity aromas and a delicate, spicy finish make this an ideal gift for lovers of Scotch. Enjoy neat or in a cocktail.



Orchard fruits (apples and pears) and toffee apple.


A beautiful golden amber.


Fruity, malty notes with hints of wood, vanilla and spice.


Creamy vanilla, sweet wood and delicate spice notes.

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The Apple Dog

Ingredients: 50ml Copper Dog, apple juice, 1 fresh Granny Smith apple

Method: Juice the Granny Smith apple. Add the Copper Dog, apple juice and ice to a rocks glass. Add a wedge of apple to garnish.

Alcohol Unit 1.0

A bit of history

Copper Dog is a new breed of Scotch whisky compared to some malts which have been around for a hundred years or more. But don’t be fooled, you’ll soon fall under its spell. It was born in a pub and that’s how Copper Dog is best enjoyed: in a convivial atmosphere amongst friends.

Interesting facts

Copper Dog gets its name from a length of pipe which some of the more colourful characters working in Scottish distilleries used to hide down their trouser leg. They’d create an easy to hide tube using scraps of metal from the cooperage, solder a penny on one end and put a cork in the other and would use it to help themselves to a wee dram of the whisky.

A bit of history


Event: San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
Date: 2020
Award: Double Gold