Captain Morgan White Rum, 70cl

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Captain Morgan White Rum

Created from the finest of Caribbean rums and has a crisp, clean and refreshing taste that is always worthy of the Captain’s attention

An exceptional taste experience

Inspired by travels across the pristine waters of the Caribbean, Captain Morgan White Rum is as light and crisp as an unfurled sail.
Blended from the finest selection of Caribbean rums and distilled five times, it has a smooth, medium-bodied taste profile with a slight sweetness to it.
Captain Morgan White Rum offers endless versatility by forming the ideal base for an array of delicious tasting cocktails, no matter how simple or demanding.
Use Captain Morgan White Rum to make delicious Mojitos: mix mint, lime, sugar syrup and ice in a glass before adding Captain Morgan White Rum and Soda to serve up this classic rum cocktail.
Perfect to enjoy with your favourite crew mates!
Captain Morgan White Rum also mixes well with cola or lemonade, best served in a tankard over ice and a wedge of lime.


Vanilla and mild molasses


Crystal clear


Mild caramel, a hint of coconut and banana


Vanilla and black pepper spice

Captain Morgan White Mojito Serve

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50 ml Captain Morgan White Rum
1 Mint sprig
7 Mint leaves
2 Wedges of lime
25 ml Sugar syrup
Top up Soda water

Alcohol unit: 1.9

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A bit of history

Captain Morgan was a real-life person in the 17th century Jamaica whose colourful life was full of fun adventures with his crew. The spirit of Sir Henry Morgan lives on in his legendary rum drinks. Live Like the Captain!