Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan Dark Rum, 1L


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Flavour profile

An exceptional taste experience

Tastes beautifully dark. We know... that’s not technically flavour... it’s a feeling - the rich feel when it rolls down your throat. Captain Morgan Dark Rum is all about rich caramel, aged oak, sweet dark brown sugar, oozy toffee, and ripe banana flavours…so many we had to list them out.
Enjoy legendary full-bodied flavour in a tall glass over ice, served with cola or fiery ginger ale for a delicious Captain Dark & Ginger.
When the best friends come over, get out our darkest rum to enjoy the rich, delicious taste together!


Toffee and vanilla


Dark brown colour


Rich caramel, aged oak, sweet dark brown sugar, oozy toffee, and ripe banana flavours.


Smoky cask finish.

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Captain Dark & Ginger

50ml Captain Morgan Dark Rum
150ml Ginger ale
1 Lime wedge
Method: Find a glass. A tall glass works best but short ones work good too. Fill it with ice cubes, 50ml Captain Morgan Dark Rum and 150ml ginger ale. Stir well and squeeze in some lime to cut through the gingery heat and bring out the complex flavours of our deepest, darkest rum.
Alcohol unit: 1

A bit of history

Captain Morgan was a real-life person in the 17th century Jamaica whose colourful life was full of fun adventures with his crew. The spirit of Sir Henry Morgan lives on in his legendary rum drinks. Live Like the Captain!

A bit of history