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An exceptional taste experience

Baileys is the most popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe and has been awarded more medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition than any of its competitors.
With its distinct velvety texture, it is a perfect combination of smooth cream and whiskey.
Enjoy on its own, over ice or in your favourite coffee.
And if you are looking for more ways to indulge, from gooey Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake to classy Baileys Espresso Martini, Baileys recipes hit the sweet spot every time. Drawing on Irish traditions in dairy and distilling, the unique combination took four years to perfect the ultimate liquid treat.
Baileys is the ultimate Irish cream liqueur, that blends the finest aged Irish whiskey with fresh dairy cream and a hint of cocoa and vanilla. 

Baileys is B Corp Certified
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A complex chocolate aroma with hints of exotic vanilla and the soft aroma of Irish Whiskey.


Luxurious, velvety smooth taste sensation.


Silky smooth mouth feel from the fresh cream and a warming sensation coming from the Irish whiskey


Creamy chocolaty finish

Baileys original with glass

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 Baileys Espresso Martini

50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream
25ml vodka
25ml espresso
A few ice cubes
3 coffee beans to decorate

Interesting Fact

Every year, roughly 200 million liters of fresh Irish milk are required to produce the creamiest of cream used in the production of Baileys. That’s enough to make about 3.3 billion Bailey's milkshakes, give or take.

Baileys original adverstisement "treat yourself"


The only cream liqueur to be awarded for its quality in the San Francisco Spirits Competition every year since 2003.