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Whether she gave you life (and isn’t afraid to remind you of that) or she came into it another way, our mother figures are irreplaceable. Mums, step-mums, bonus mums, grandmothers, aunts, whoever they are, we wouldn’t be who we are without them.


They give us support and praise when we want it, and tough love and advice when we need it. And that’s why they are always the perfect tonic to any situation. So, this Mother’s Day, what better way to show your appreciation and love than with a great gin gift set?

A treat for her senses

Clean, crisp citrus notes spring to life in this zesty Mother’s Day gift idea, perfect for a Mum who would appreciate a moment of bliss.  

Tanqueray No.TEN Gin – packed full with vibrant flavour from the citrus fruits and chamomile flowers – delights the tastebuds with its 190 years of distilling mastery, while a cent.ldn candle fills the room with the freshest of scents.

The premium Citrus Bloom candle - custom-made, hand-poured, and crafted in London - is made from natural wax scented with fresh accords evocative of the same aromas and flavours imbibed in the award-winning Tanqueray gin.

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Tanqueray gin and cent.ldn candle gift set
Tanqueray No.10 martini gift set

The timeless simplicity of the gin martini

Working mums, stay-at-home mums, stepmums - life for any mum can get complicated. The perfect Mother’s Day gift doesn’t need to be.

The timeless simplicity of the gin martini is part of its pleasure. Why mess with perfection? That’s the intention behind our Tanqueray No.TEN gin martini cocktail gift pack, complete with premium coupe glassware, a jigger for the perfect measure, glass mixing jug, strainer, and a recipe for the perfect Tanqueray No.TEN Martini Cocktail.

The taste is the focus here – no fuss, no muss. Enjoy a classic served in style with a beautiful gift box designed by award winning artist Kristjana S Williams.

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A Mother’s Day gift that’s easy, but exceptional

Tanqueray No. TEN gin understands the elegance in simplicity. A classic gin from a brand celebrated for its 190 years in distilling, Tanqueray is crafted in small batches with the four original botanicals of London Dry and the addition of fresh whole grapefruits, oranges, limes and chamomile flowers. The end product is something so distinct, so incomparable, it can only be described as so uniquely Tanqueray.

There’s a reason Tanqueray No. TEN is the only gin and white spirit awarded a place in the San Francisco Spirits Awards’ prestigious Hall of Fame. From one Hall of Fame recipient to another – your Mum – show your love with this exquisite premium gin and limited-edition gift box.

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Tanqueray No. Ten gin and limited edition gift box
Tanqueray London Dry Gin in glass coupe

Celebrate Mum with the spirit of the 20s

Some things are so classic, they don’t need to change with the times. And no, we don’t mean your Mum trying to use her smartphone.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin has been following the same formula since 1830 – and for a good reason. Undefeated in taste, it’s distilled with four classic gin botanicals, juniper, coriander, angelica and sweet liquorice for an unforgettable and incomparable finish. Owning its footing in history, the bottle has maintained its iconic shape, inspired by the three-piece cocktail shaker that no Roaring 20s party was without.

So, whether your Mum is strictly a Gin and Tonic gal, or likes to try out new recipes like a Gin Punch, treat her to her favourite dry gin and a sleek, chic Copa glass from which to enjoy her drink du jour.

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Make it personal with an engraved bottle

Not a gin fan?

We’ve got other neat gifts for mum this Mother’s Day – including engraved whisky bottles.