How to make the ultimate G&T


The humble G&T – we all love it.

Gin & Tonic. It sounds simple, and in terms of ingredients, it is – after all, it's gin, tonic water, ice and a wedge of lime. But the chances are, you've probably had your fair share of not-so-great G&T's.  What's the secret to nailing, not a good one, but a great one at home? 


Legendary mixologist Pippa Guy shares her tips and tricks to help you impress your friends and family at your next get-together. 



Ice Ice Baby

The biggest thing everyone gets wrong with a gin and tonic is the lack of ice. Why is ice so important? Let's start with a quick lesson in thermodynamics. As we know, to keep ice from melting, you put it in the freezer, and that keeps it cold. Therefore, to keep ice cold in your glass, you need more ice. Less ice will melt much faster and dilute your delicious G&T. 

"Put your tonic water and glassware in the fridge as well. If this starts at a lower temperature, then it won't melt your ice as fast as it would from room temperature."

Pippa Guy

Author of Let's Get Fizzical and Tanqueray Gin Pro

The Gin 

Choosing a good quality gin is the first step to a great drink. One that hits the spot with the first sip. 

The Tonic 

The other trick with tonic comes down to carbonation. Where possible, always use a newly opened bottle and keep in mind that those large bottles go flat quickly, so avoid them unless you'll be making a lot at once. The smaller packs of four or six may be a little pricier, but they are ultimately worth it.

The Garnish

Get creative with your garnishes. A good garnish can transform your cocktail from ordinary to Instagrammable. We eat with our eyes first, so anything visually appealing will always taste better and make us more excited to drink. 

Garnishes serve another purpose too. They add aromas of subtle flavours to your cocktail. If you love a dry gin, why not add some juniper berries? If you’ve been growing herbs in your garden, balcony or kitchen windowsill, why not use these to mix up your cocktail. 

Only having a few friends over? Make a garnish selection. Your friends can pick n' mix the garnishes themselves for the ultimate personalised G&T. 

The Glass 

Yes, gin can be enjoyed in various glasses designed to enhance your drinking experience. But the Copa glass is the ultimate choice - thanks to the wide brim that lets you take in all the fragrant botanicals in the gin.


Pippa's recipe for the ultimate G&T



50ml gin 

120-150ml tonic 

2 lime wedges 



In a frozen Copa glass, add gin and fill the glass with ice. The larger the cubes are, the better. Squeeze in one of the lime wedges. Add the tonic (if you run it down the stem of a bar spoon, it will help retain the effervescence). Squeeze in the second lime wedge, briefly stir. 

Now put your feet up and enjoy.