Gin: versatile, evocative, flavourful

Gin received its name from the Dutch word for juniper: genever. It’s a clear, unaged spirit, made by distilling fermented grain mash and gets its distinct profile from juniper berries added during distillation. Deriving its sublime flavours and aromas from botanicals, the expression of every cocktail is transformed by the gin you choose.

GIN 101

Gin production: distilled to perfection

GIN 101

Get to know pink gin

Pippa Guy

Say hello to Pippa Guy, best-selling author of Let's Get Fizzical, and Tanqueray gin pro.

From easy recipes to the perfect garnishes for your cocktails, gin recommendations to the different types of gin, she's here to take you through the wonderful world of gin. 

So what is gin, anyway?

Gin is made from a neutral grain spirit and is steeped with botanicals and re-distilled.  

Historically, gin has been based on a core set of botanicals, including juniper berries (the star ingredient), coriander seeds, Angelica root, citrus peel (primarily lemon and orange), cassia, cinnamon, cardamom, cubeb berries, almond, Orris root, liquorice, grains of paradise, ginger, and nutmeg. The aroma and flavour profile for gin has become more experimental and varied, as the number of botanicals used has increased – especially as locally sourced botanicals are innovatively used in the production of gin.



Flavour profile

How do you like your garnish?

It helps to know a bit about your gin to find the best garnish. London Dry gins do well with citrusy garnishes. Spicy gins pair well with garnishes that balance the spice, including herbs and flowers. Floral gins are easily garnished with edible flowers, or you can mix things up with a berry garnish. 



Citrusy Gin

Lemon, lime and grapefruit

Fruity Gin

Strawberry, peach and rhubarb

Floral Gin

Rosemary, lavender and thyme

Spicy Gin

Peppercorns, star anise and chilli

Styles of gin

Gin gin glorious gin! Explore our full collection.

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