The perfect pour

A jigger is a measuring device used by bartenders to pour an accurate amount of liquid into the drinks they create. This Seedlip-branded copper cocktail jigger is double sided, w/ different measures on each end, 25ml on one side & 50ml on the other. As well as looking attractive on a kitchen shelf, our copper jigger will help you make the tastiest non-alcoholic cocktails w/ a perfect pour.

The perfect pour
seedlip trio serve image

A bit of history

Seedlip began in 2013 in my cottage in the countryside. I was experimenting with
distillation using home-grown herbs, a small copper still & a copy of an old herbal
remedy book called The Art of Distillation.
Passionate about nature & determined to continue my family’s 300-year legacy of
working with the land, the experiments at home grew into something greater.
I spent two years working with botanists, distillers & historians to take my new
idea literally from Seed to Lip.
From the beginning, our mission has been simple & single minded...Solve the dilemma of ‘What to drink when you’re Not drinking®.’

Ben Branson, founder