Guinness Nitrosurge Cans

Guinness Nitrosurge cans contain the satisfying smooth Guinness you love, specially designed for exclusive use with the Guinness Nitrosurge device (sold separately). Nitrosurge gives you control of the iconic surge and settle to craft your own superb two-part pour, wherever you are.

Nitrosruge pouring

Pour your perfect pint at home

The latest in Guinness technology, the Nitrosurge device uses ultrasonic technology to create a beautifully smooth Guinness. Clip the device on top of the specially designed Nitrosurge cans and craft the iconic two-part pour where ever you are.

The Perfect Pour
Simply connect, activate and pour. Open the can, clip the device on top and turn the device on. Pour into a glass following the instructions below.

How to use the Nitrosurge Device

1. Connect -To pour your own delicious Guinness, open a cold Nitrosurge can, align the device nozzle with the can opening and push the device firmly into place.

2. Activate - Push the power button to activate – the Guinness Harp will illuminate indication the device is ready for use.

3. Pour your Guinness NitroSurge Device is now ready for use.

peferct pour instructions

How to achieve the iconic Guinness two-part pour 

First pour 

Hold the glass at 45° and bring the can to a horizontal position to begin the first pour. As the beer flows, rotate the can and glass together until the can is at 45° and the glass is vertical. The Guinness Nitrosurge device will stop surging about halfway through your pour as the nitrogen will have been sufficiently broken out into the pint. Stop the pour when the glass is ¾ full and allow the beer to settle for about 60 seconds. 

Second pour 

To complete the pour, without lifting the glass off the table angle the Guinness Nitrosurge can at 45° to slowly top up the glass and form the classic domed head.  There is no need to press the power button again to top up the pint.


To charge the device, gently pull back the waterproof rubber seal and plug in the charger lead supplied.  Connect the micro-USB lead to a 5V power source (does not include plug).  The Nitrosurge device will take 8hrs to charge fully, but if you’re craving a Guinness, a 10-minute charge will be sufficient to pour 2-3 pints. 


Clean after every use under warm running water - the Nitrosurge device is waterproof. To clean the nozzle, use the brush supplied