Daiquiri Cocktail Bundle

1x Captain Morgan White Rum 70cl  1x MONIN Pure Cane Sugar Syrup 25cl


Have it delivered on the day of the occasion.

Daiquiri Cocktail Bundle

an exquisite choice for a home party


Everything you need (except the fruit!) to create amazing fruity Daiquiris at home!

  • 1.70oz /50 ml light Cuban style rum
  • 1oz / 30ml fresh lime juice
  • 0.5oz / 15ml MONIN Pure Cane Sugar Syrup

Get creative and blend with ice and your choice of fruit or 30ml of fruit puree. Strawberry & Banana are huge favourites. A handful of fruit or half a banana per person is the perfect amount. Pour over ice & serve. Delicious!

Units of alcohol per serve:2

Step 1

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker

Step 2

Shake hard for 20-30 seconds

Step 3

Double strain into a coupette.


The Daiquiri Cocktail Bundle contains:


1x Captain Morgan White Rum 70cl
Captain Morgan White Rum offers endless versatility by forming the ideal base for an array of delicious tasting cocktails, no matter how simple or demanding.

1x Monin Sugar Cane Syrup
 MONIN Sugar Cane Syrup is perfect for adding a little sweetness to lemonades, iced teas, coffees, cocktails and mocktails.