Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum, 1L

1L 35%


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Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold Rum

The original. The icon. Flavoured with the taste of vanilla, other natural flavours and spices for an irresistibly sweet yet subtly spiced taste.

An exceptional taste experience

The party starts with rich vanilla, brown sugar & warming spices, on the tongue and the roof of your mouth; all combining in one big, beautiful balancing act. Then, just when you thought you’ve reached peak delicious, something else arrives - just a hint of oak. Oooh oak... is that even a flavour?


Flavoured with the taste of vanilla and spice.


A rich golden glow


Rich vanilla, brown sugar & warming spices


Hint of oak

Your gift

The ideal gift for rum enthusiasts. It comes in an elegant gift box. You can choose a gift card, which we can add a message to – if the gift is going direct to the recipient – or we can leave it blank, so you can write it yourself if the gift is being sent to you.


Captain & Lemonade

50ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 150ml Lemonade 1 Lemon wedge 1 Glassful of ice
Method: Grab a glass, any glass. Fill it with plenty of ice. Now, add 50ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold. Fill again, this time with 150ml of lemonade. Squeeze in the lemon. Taste level 10 initiated.
Alcohol Unit 0.87

A bit of history

Captain Morgan was a real life person in the 17th century Jamaica whose colourful life was full of fun adventures with his crew. The spirit of Sir Henry Morgan lives on in his legendary rum drinks.