Queen Bee

Christie Knight, the queen bee of alcohol-free mixes, has conjured up a deliciously fresh combination of  honey, lemon juice, soda water and thyme. The fresh, woody sparkle will set your night afire.

Alcohol-Free Queen Bee




  • 50mlTanqueray 0.0%

  • 15mlhoney water

  • 25mllemon juice

  • 150mlsoda water

  • 1sprigfresh thyme


  • Highball glass

  • Stirrer

  • Ice


  • Honey water

    To make honey water, mix equal parts honey and boiling water, and stir until combined.

  • Mix

    Fill a highball glass with cubed ice. Pour in gin 0.0%, lemon juice and honey water and stir. Top-up the highball glass with more ice.

  • Garnish

    Add a fresh thyme sprig into the glass and then top-up with soda water and give the cocktail one more stir before serving.

  • Grab a bite

    Get some grub in before or while you’re drinking – it slows alcohol absorption.

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