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Johnnie Walker Black Label presents Bold Steps

Johnnie Walker is proud to unveil a limited edition bottle in celebration of its ‘Bold Steps’ campaign in partnership with Diet Paratha, the South Asian creative community platform. Building on Johnnie Walker’s progressive ‘Keep Walking’ spirit, ‘Bold Steps’ sets out to open doors for the next generation of talent within the creative industries.

Created by illustrator and graphic designer Kushiaania, the design is the winning entry, following Johnnie Walker’s invitation for artists and designers to put their own creative stamp on a limited edition bottle.

Inspired by creative expression, this vibrant Johnnie Walker Black Label bottle is a powerful celebration of British South Asian creativity, feminine strength and joy. In addition to bringing Kushiaania’s work to life, the brand is supporting her creative practice with a £5,000 cash prize, and one-to-one Diet Paratha Family Tree Mentoring by Art Director Manu Pillai.

Bold Steps’, an ongoing Johnnie Walker campaign, will continue to support Diet Paratha, with Family Tree Mentorships for five more individuals throughout 2023.

Kushiaania with the Johnnie Walker Black Label Bold Steps bottle

Anita Chhiba, founder of Diet Paratha

“The British creative industry can be an isolating place for marginalised communities, we know that even though South Asians make up 7%* of the UK we see only 4.8%** on-screen and this figure drops to 2.6%*** off-screen.

That is why campaigns like Bold Steps are so important to platform the underrepresented because this isn’t unique, we feel it across the whole creative industry.

I was impressed by the number of designs submitted and I admire Kushiaania’s fearless approach, which comes through in her spirited design.” 


*Office for National Statistics (ONS), released 29 November 2022, ONS website, statistical bulletin, Ethnic group, England and Wales: Census 2021 

**Creative Diversity Network, Diamond, The Fifth Cut: Diamond at 5, 2022 

***Creative Diversity Network, Diamond, The Fifth Cut: Diamond at 5, 2022 

Anita Chhiba, founder of Diet Paratha
Johnnie Walker

Mixing up whisky since 1820

For over two centuries, Johnnie Walker has embodied progress inspiring people to keep walking to a more positive future.


Johnnie Walker Black Label is crafted using whiskies from the four corners of Scotland, all ingredients being a unique flavour profile, making the final whisky beautifully balanced.

taste that's worth the wait

Taste That's Worth the Wait

A rich, smooth blended scotch whisky made using only single malt and grain whiskies. It spends 12 years in the cask creating a vibrant body of flavour. The signature flavour notes of Sweet, Spice and Smoke will shine through when mixed, stirred or shaken.

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The Perfect Johnnie & Lemonade


50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
150ml Lemonade (Clear Or Cloudy)
Lemon Peel
Mint Leaf (Optional)


  1. Pour 50 ml of Johnie Walker Black Label into a highball glass filled with ice.
  2. Top with 150ml lemonade.
  3. Stir and garnish with a lemon peel.

Units of alcohol per serve: 2

JB JW Lemongb 4X5

Johnnie Walker is the perfect gift to give to...

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The one who makes every day feel like a celebration

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