Flavours inspired by the wild

Extraordinary spirits born in the Herefordshire countryside

About chase

Delicious spirits inspired by the countryside


Chase Distillery is tucked away in the picturesque Herefordshire countryside. It’s where our award-winning gins and vodkas were born and first produced.  

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About Chase

From the quality potatoes rooted into the soil to the fragrant elderflower that blooms from the hedgerows, the plentiful British countryside brings with it a whole host of flavour inspirations. As the seasons change, our influences do, too – spring brings a host of deliciously tart rhubarb, with autumnal apples bringing a delightful contrast to our unique spirits. 

Over time, we’ve developed our variety of gins & vodkas to ensure that there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s enjoying a Grapefruit G&T on a grassy picnic blanket or sipping on some Sloe gin by a warm, wintry fireplace, there’s a flavour in our range to suit all occasions. Cheers! 

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From our decades of farming heritage, we know that the quality of our product matters, and it matters a lot. That’s why you can taste our meticulous dedication and craftsmanship throughout our sublime collection of premium gins and vodkas.  

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