Sterling Vintner's Collection Merlot, Central Coast

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Level:: EasyIdeal for: St. Patrick's Day, December Holidays, Draft Party

Sterling Vintner's Collection Merlot, Central Coast Sterling Vintner's Collection Merlot, Central Coast


The Sterling Vintner's Collection offers distinctive, hand-crafted varietal wines to be enjoyed every day. Many of the grapes come from Sterling's Paris Valley Ranch Vineyard near Monterey Bay, where the warm sun is tempered by cool coastal breezes and fog, extending the growing season for optimum varietal character and balance. This region's diverse climate and soils offer each grape variety the precise conditions it loves best.

Tasting Notes

Inviting and immediately enjoyable, this Merlot welcomes the nose with bright cherry, blackberry and vanilla aromas counterbalanced with subtle cherry-cola notes. On the palate, mouth filling cherry-berry tannins fold together with rich flavors of blackberry pie and juicy plum to offer a nice, rounded mouthfeel and a long finish.

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Food Pairings

The generosity of this wine pairs well with a variety of dishes from slightly spicy Mexican food to good ol’ home-cooked chicken pot pie.

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