Zacapa® Rum

Zacapa uses only the first pressing of sugar cane, delightfully called “virgin sugar cane honey.” After distillation, it’s aged in a series of casks that previously stored robust bourbons, delicate sherries and fine Pedro Ximenez wines. Like a fine cognac or single malt Scotch, the rich, sophisticated taste of Zacapa is best enjoyed when sipped and savored neat or on the rocks.

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Recommended drinks with Zacapa® Rum

Zacapa® Centenario 23 Years Rum

With notes of wood, sweet fruitiness, vanilla, almond, chocolate, toasted wood and delicate hints of spice, its taste is dense and exceptionally balanced.

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Zacapa® Centenario 23 Years Rum

Zacapa ®Centenario XO Rum

Aromas like toasted oak, burnt caramel, dry-roasted nuts, marzipan and orange peel evolve each time you nose the glass.

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Zacapa ®Centenario XO Rum